The Hotel Metropole Hanoi is an award-winning French colonial-style hotel lying in the heart of Hanoi, near the magnificent Opera House. Boasting a classical white façade, green shutters, original wrought iron detail, wood paneling and a lush courtyard lawn, the hotel is one of the region’s few remaining hotels of its era.

Built in 1901 by a private French investors, the hotel quickly became the rendez-vous point for colonial society in the first half of the century. Following Vietnamese independence in the 1950s, the new national government opted to maintain it as the official hotel for visiting VIP’s.

The hotel guest list over the past years has included the Presidents of USA, of France, the Prince of Monaco, of Denmark, of Sweden, and important business delegations, as well as famous people like Catherine Deneuve, Charlie Chaplin,  Mick Jagger amongst others.

More than a hundred years after, a new Metropole replaced ancient hotel, and introduce an impressive new oasis of charm and luxury at historical and beautiful Vietnam

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